Get to Know the Site While We’re Gone

Thanks for visiting SABR Toothed Tigers, the sabermetrically informed website about the Detroit Tigers and all things baseball. We run a pretty small operation here, so it’s hard to find people to work over the holiday weekend. We can’t promise any new content until Monday 11/26, but we hope you take this opportunity to look around at some of the features we’ve run so far.

We have series explaining sabermetrics, goofy 2012 leaderboards, 2012 awards, lots of Free Agent coverage, and along with lighter fare like baseball and culture posts and memorable baseball moments.

We hope you enjoy it and we’re always looking for feedback about features and topics you’d like to see on the site.

One piece of advice before we go, try to come up with a few things you are thankful for ahead of baseball if you’re asked this weekend. While everyone here at STT is most thankful for baseball, family and friends like to feel like they matter in your lives too, so throw them a bone.

Go Tigers,

STT Staff

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