2012 Season in Review: New York Yankees

95-67, 1st in the AL East

Lost in the ALCS to the Tigers

When the season ended on the 3rd of October, no American League club had won more games than the one that plays in the Bronx. They then faced off against the upstart Orioles in the ALDS and survived in five games on the back of Raul Ibanez. It was, at this point, that their season fell apart. Granted, only three teams made it further.

The offensive contingent followed Robinson Cano (7.8 WAR) and filled in around Nick Swisher (3.9), Derek Jeter (3.2), Mark Teixeira (2.9), Curtis Granderson (2.6), Russell Martin (2.2), and Alex Rodriguez (2.2). The failed to register a starter level player only in left field and DH and that was pretty close.

The top of the rotation was very good with C.C. Sabathia (4.9) and Hiroki Kuroda (3.9), but was shaky below either from poor performance or injury. A few good bullpen pieces helped out and they managed to shut things down even with Mariano Rivera.

The Yankees had a good season, but left the stage with a bad taste in their mouths. A-Rod was benched and Cano set a record for most consecutive outs made in a postseason. And that was only the beginning.

The offseason has been rocky. Jeter is recovering from a broken ankle and A-Rod will miss the whole season and has new steroid issues to deal with. The Yankees lost Swisher. They got outbid on Russell Martin by the Pirates. They’re working to get under next year’s luxury tax, so they aren’t spending big.

It’s hard to even recognize them. But they are the Yankees, so they’re make it work to some extent. They’re certainly no longer a juggernaut, but they have resources and savvy. 2013 will be rocky, but it won’t be a mess

2012 Grade: B

Early 2013 Projection: 87-75


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