The First Pitch

I have no illusions about what this is. I don’t expect someone to stumble around the internet onto this site, recognize my brilliance, and start paying me for my opinions on a topic that everyone has opinions about. That’s not what I’m after.

But I love baseball. I love the Detroit Tigers. I like writing, analyzing, and debating. For four years I wrote a weekly newspaper column for my college newspaper, The Eastern Echo, and spent two hours a week as the voice of reason on Eagleradio’s famed The Guy Show. Honestly, I miss it. I miss writing about something of my own choosing and I miss talking about baseball to someone other than my wife (Not because it isn’t wonderful, but because there are only so many times we can make fun of bullpen usage and Robinson Cano!).

I’m 22 and in the first year of a PhD program in Political Science at UNC Chapel Hill. About 700 miles from Comerica Park. I haven’t been to a game there since April after averaging more than 20 a year most years. There’s playoff baseball in Detroit without me for the first time since 1987. To be fair, I wasn’t even born then and they’ve only been twice since. So I guess this is my way of staying connected. Sure, MLB.TV blares Rod and Mario every night in my living room, but I can’t help but feel a little too far away when I see the white towels waving and “’Til I Collapse” playing as Verlander takes the hill on a cool October night.

So in the posts that follow, you’ll see a lot about the Tigers. They’re my baseball wife. But I’m a lover of all things baseball, so I’ll have a lot to say about the sport at large. I never made it higher than high school backup and I never worked in the industry, but I’m a fan and very devoted one. And an educated one.

This isn’t going to be a place for RBIs and pitcher Wins. While I’m not going to go over the top with new age-y stuff that will scare you, this is going to be a site heavily informed by sabermetrics. Hence the name, SABR-Toothed Tigers.

It’s not because I want to boil such a beautiful game down to a spreadsheet. Not at all. I’m just someone who always wants to know more. I want more information than batting average, homeruns, runs batted in, stolen bases, etc. There’s more going on. Fear not, I’m always going to keep it accessible. What good is a great new metric if most people don’t understand it? I’ll draw heavily from the great work done at because I think they do it best.

I hope you appreciate the contrast in the name. Sabermetrics are new school, but saber-toothed Tigers are old school. It can be a happy marriage if you’re willing to give it a chance.

So come back and see what this is all about and share it with people who love baseball. Not because I think I’m brilliant and you have to see my opinion. Come back because baseball is fun and I’m going to write about interesting things. If things go well, maybe I’ll “employ” some others who love the game and you won’t be stuck with just me.

I mentioned earlier that I’m getting a PhD in Political Science. My focus is the American Presidency, so let me close by connecting the two and summing up why I’m here.

One of my all-time favorite quotations belongs to Richard Nixon.

“I like the job I have now, but if I had my life to live over again, I’d like to have ended up a sports writer.”

Yeah, me too.

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