Every Game Could Be the Last One, But Hopefully Not

Every day could be the last day. That’s a sad realization. The Tigers trail the Giants 3-0 in the World Series and every game could be the game the Tigers get eliminated and the baseball season ends.

We’re down to the final few days, win or lose.

Based on the math we did yesterday, the Tigers have somewhere between a 3% and 9% chance of coming back to win it all. Those odds aren’t great, but as an Econ professor once told me, “That’s not like walking outside and getting hit by an asteroid.”

It’s been a fun season despite the frustrations. Even if it ends tonight, it was a great run. I know people will be upset about how the offense performed in the World Series, but 28 other teams are playing golf right now. The Tigers won the AL Central. They won the AL pennant.

It’s hard not to call that a successful season. Let’s not forget the team should be as good or better next season. Victor Martinez will be back. Fister should be healthy. Smyly will be a year older.

Avila, who actually had a better year than you think, should find his power stroke again. The Tigers will likely add a corner outfielder.

The window for a title is still open. Don’t worry if they can’t make it happen this year.

I’m pretty sure it was John Elway who coined this originally, but I remember my Dad saying it to me when my fourth grade baseball team lost the championship game. “Only two teams got to be here today, and we were one of them.

So I hope today isn’t the last day of the season. I’m hoping for four game win streak. I’m at least hoping to send the series back to San Francisco. But it was a successful season, no matter how it ends.

The most fun you can have is watching your baseball team win the World Series. The second most fun you can have is watching your baseball team lose the World Series.

I’ll take it and let’s make it last a little bit longer.

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