2012 Season in Review: Seattle Mariners

75-87, 4th in the AL West

Welp, Mariners. There is one great player on this team who had an amazing year and threw a perfect game. The rest of the team was pretty meh, and while the farm system is interesting, the future still isn’t now.

Just three position players topped 2.0 WAR, Kyle Seager (3.6), John Jaso (2.7), and Michael Saunders (2.3), for the 2012 Mariners and none of them were star level good. Brendan Ryan should also be acknowledged for being awesome on defense at shortstop, because well, he’s pretty freaking good.

Kevin Millwood (2.0) was one of two pitchers on the club to hit the magic 2.0 threshold. I don’t really want to talk about him or the ones who didn’t measure up, I want to talk about the one who exceed that number by a lot. Felix Hernandez (6.1) was awesome. He threw a perfect game and he pitched in near Verlander level fashion. Wow. Worth the price of admission.

Top to bottom this isn’t a great club. But I like some of their pieces. With some exciting prospects on their way and some slugging low risk players coming off other teams’ scrap heaps, 2013 could be better, but at least it shouldn’t be worse.

Ultimately, this is a team with a window to win coming, but they aren’t there yet. When they get going in that direction a little faster, their Season Recap will be more exciting.

2012 Grade: D

Early 2013 Projection: 76-86


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