2012 Season in Review: Texas Rangers

93-69, 2nd in the AL West, 1st Wild Card

Lost in the Play-in Game

These are things to know about the Rangers. They ran away with the division and then tripped over September and found themselves losing it on the final day of the season. At which point, they played in the inaugural play-in game and lost. So it was all over pretty quickly. Josh Hamilton started fast and cratered. So everyone is kind of thinking the Rangers time has passed, but I’m not so sure it’s over.

Adrian Beltre (6.5) led the way and Josh Hamilton (4.4), Elvis Andrus (4.2), David Murphy (4.0), Ian Kinsler (3.2), Craig Gentry (2.9), and Mike Napoli (2.0) had his back. Texas is a good place to hit, but we should also not confuse that fact with the fact that they employ very good hitters.

Yu Darvish (5.1) and Matt Harrison (3.8) combined for one of the more interesting two headed rotation monsters, but it worked pretty well. Scott Feldman (2.3) and Colby Lewis (2.0) weren’t slouches either. Derek Holland at 1.7 WAR, was a bit of a slouch though. The bullpen was pretty solid too.

Overall, this was a good team who lost it at the worst possible time. They won 93 games, they just probably should have won one more. There isn’t much to say other than that.

Going into next year, I like them as an overlooked club. They lost Hamilton, but they have a good enough platoon in center to keep them only a couple wins worse and I like what Mike Olt and Jurickson Profar can add in. Not to mention Lance Berkman. This is still a deep team. The Angels are the sexy pick and the Athletics are still a menace, but I like the Rangers to bounce back.

2012 Grade: B

Early 2013 Projection : 91-71


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