The Morning Edition (April 7, 2013)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

From Last Night:

  • BJ Upton hits a game tying homerun in the 9th inning against the Cubs, Justin Upton follows him with a walk off
  • The Nats top the Reds in 11 innings
  • Albert Pujols’ big day powers the Angels past the Rangers
  • Kershaw blanks the Pirates over 7 innings in LA

What I’m Watching Today:

  • Lester and Dickey face off in Toronto (1p Eastern)
  • Marlins prospect Jose Fernandez makes his MLB debut at Citi Field (1p Eastern)
  • Strasburg looks to follow his excellent opening day against the Reds (1p Eastern)
  • Darvish faces the Angels in his near perfecto encore (8p Eastern)
  • Lots of other aces in action including: Sabathia, Verlander, Cueto, Samardizija, Shields, Hamels, Price, Sale, Wainwright, Cain, and Weaver

The Big Question:

  • What first week standouts will carry their success into week two of the season?

The first week of the MLB season is always exciting but it is often hard to distinguish between players because of very small sample sizes. I’m looking forward to seeing which players level out and regress to the mean and which players are in for better and worse than expected seasons. We really want to make meaningful conclusions about these games, but it’s just too early. That said, aside from Chris Davis, here are a couple players I’m watching at the start of week two to see if they are candidates for early season standout status:

  1. Shin-Soo Choo
  2. Justin Upton
  3. Chase Utley
  4. Austin Jackson

None of those players are surprises, they just have my attention for now for various reasons. The first two are on new clubs, Utley looks healthy, and Jackson is a talented guy entering his prime on a great club.

Thanks for reading New English D this week and we look forward to talking baseball with you throughout the season.

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