The Morning Edition (April 25, 2013)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth


From Last Night:

  • Valdespin hits a walk off grand slam in Flushing against the Dodgers despite only needing one run
  • Todd Frazier homers to power Latos and the Reds to a 1-0 win
  • The Orioles lost an extra inning game!
  • Strasburg goes 7 and gives up 3 runs, but it isn’t enough to avoid a sweep against the Cards

What I’m Watching Today:

  • Cliff Lee gets the Pirates at home (1p Eastern)
  • Buchholz looks to pad his stats against the Astros (630p Eastern)
  • The Reds and Nats battle in what could be a playoff preview (7p Eastern)
  • Hellickson and Sale hook up at U.S. Cellular Field (8p Eastern)

The Big Question:

  • Has anyone noticed David Wright this year?

Both of today’s observations concern the Mets, who walked off on Wednesday. First, David Wright is having a great start despite no one saying anything about him. He’s hitting .309/.447/.529 in 85 PA to go with a 176 wRC+. Seems like that should get more attention, but just having 2 homeruns is probably to blame even though he has 6 steals and that amazing line. Surprisingly also, Matt Harvey appeared to resemble a human being last night as he only went 6 innings and allowed 3 earned runs. That said, I mean, 4-0 with a 1.54 ERA, 2.39 FIP, and 10.03 K/9 is still pretty good.

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