The Nine Best Names in MLB

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

Entering today (June 8th, 2013), 1027 individuals have made an appearance in a major league game this season. This ranges from single AB to 80+ innings on the mound. Today, I’d like to evaluate the coolness or baseballness of their names. The rules are simple. To be eligible, you have to have played in an MLB game this year. That means Stryker Trahan (minors) and Skye Bolt (college) aren’t on the list. Injured and retired players don’t count. Here is a complete list of eligible players (Baseball Names).

This list is subjective and entirely my own, but it’s right.

9. Kyle Blanks (Padres)

8. Dexter Fowler (Rockies)

7. Addison Reed (White Sox)

6. Clete Thomas (Twins)

Blanks, Fowler, and Reed made the list over a lot of good candidates, but their names just sound like names you’d hear on  a baseball field. Clete Thomas belongs for obvious reasons. His first name (technically his middle name) is a piece of baseball equipment.

5. Homer Bailey (Reds)

4. Josh Outman (Rockies)

Homer Bailey has the ironic distinction of having his name be the opposite of what he hopes to accomplish on the mound, while Josh Outman’s last name is exactly what he’s going for – outs man.

3. Chase Utley (Phillies)

Chase Utley probably doesn’t need any introduction. Chase and Utley would probably get you on the list individually, but Chase Utley together is a lock.

2. Asdrubal Cabrera (Indians)

Cabrera is one of baseball’s most bland names, except when your first name sounds like a type of layered pastry.

1. Buster Posey (Giants)

Buster and Posey, like Chase and Utley, are probably good enough to make the list carrying a “John” or “Smith,” but together Buster Posey just screams baseball.

What names did we leave out that you like? Where you would put Trahan and Bolt on this list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter. 


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