New English D Audio: Episode 1 Featuring Cameron Bonk

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

On the first ever edition of New English D Audio I talk with Cameron Bonk of The Guy Show and The Farm Club about the state of the Tigers, specifically their bullpen, and about the difference between being a fan of one or multiple sports. I also hit Cam with some lightening round questions, including which Tigers player he would most trust to date his sister. The author apologizes for the slight inconsistency in volume, as he has just recently learned to create audio files. He promises future editions will not have this issue.

Enjoy and please direct any podcast related questions to or @NeilWeinberg44 on Twitter.

Download (Approx 22 mins)


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  1. […] The two starters are 26th and 9th in K/9, 1st and 22nd in BB/9, 8th and 5th in ERA, 1st and 3rd in FIP, 2nd and 6th in xFIP, and 1st and 4th in WAR in MLB. So yeah, that’s pretty good. Watch it. And while you’re waiting for that one to start, check out New English D’s newest feature: New English D Audio. […]

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