The Morning Edition (June 12, 2013)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

From Last Night:

  • The Dbacks and Dodgers trade serious beanballs, brawl in LA, many suspensions to come
  • Cole goes 6.1 in his MLB debut as the Pirates beat the Giants
  • The Jays tie it in the 9th and win it in the 10th against the White Sox
  • Kluber goes 8 to end the Indians’ skid
  • Cingrani and the Reds unload on Garza and the Cubs
  • Stanton homers in the 8th to avoid spoiling Turner’s strong outing
  • Rays shell Lester
  • Harang CGSO

What I’m Watching Today:

  • Shelby Miller goes to Citi Field (7p Eastern)
  • Corbin and Ryu in LA (10p Eastern)
  • Bonderman gets the Astros in Seattle (10p Eastern)

The Big Question:

  • So, no hard feelings between the Dodgers and Dbacks?

Hardly the case. Greinke hit Ross early in the game (not intentional at all), but things heated up when Kennedy hit Puig in the 6th and Greinke retaliated by hitting Montero in the 7th. Greinke came to the plate in the 7th and Kennedy hit him in the head, precipitating a massive bench clearing brawl that featured grown men tackling each other and punches being thrown. I’ve been pretty outspoken about the need to curtail this type of behavior in baseball. I wasn’t watching the game, so I don’t know which pitch was the one that started it, but everyone carries some blame for keeping it going. I hope MLB suspends everyone involved because there is just no place for this in the game. Intentional beaning is dangerous and childish, especially when it’s up around the head, but it’s even more ridiculous for adults to run onto the field and start fighting. I have no problem with certain members of the teams coming out to talk and yell about it, but it’s not appropriate to settle these things with violence. If this happened somewhere other than the field of play, there would be arrests. It reflects poorly on the sport, even if people enjoy it.


2 responses

  1. Just so you know, Puig was it with a glancing blow to the cheek and nose. The Dodgers understandably reacted and hit Montero in the back. Then Kennedy hits Grienke in the shoulder but it was headed right for his head. Grienke shrugged to protect his head otherwise that would have been to hit above the shoulders. I understand your point but the team has gotta stand together and this was out of control.

    1. The Puig one is the one I wasn’t sure about. Either way, everyone was out of line. It’s not the players job to police the game, it’s the umpires and the league who should do it. Kennedy should get 10-15 games, but so should all the guys who threw punches, etc.

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