How Was The Month? Detroit Tigers June Report

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

Not too bad.

14-13 (43-37 Overall)

The month of June caused some consternation among Tigers fans, but the overall numbers look pretty good. They easily could have won a few extra games, but in general it’s hard to be too upset with the second best offense in baseball during the month (118 wRC+) and the 4th best pitching staff (3.9 WAR), placing their season ranks at 2nd (112 wRC+) and 1st (16.6 WAR). The Tigers might not have a record that perfectly lines up with the overall performance, but those things will catch up as the season wears on.

Miguel Cabrera led the way and pulls his full season totals to .373/.461/.680, 207 wRC+, 5.6 WAR after a fantastic month. Austin Jackson came back and played 15 phenomenal games while the team also had big contributions from Peralta and Infante. Additionally, the Tigers were lifted by 29 excellent PA from Don Kelly who hit .347/.379/.500 during the month

Despite struggles over the last two weeks, the pitching staff still stacks up across the full season as the Tigers feature 4 starters with 2.8 WAR or better, not to mention Porcello’s (1.5), Smyly’s (1.3), and Benoit’s (1.0) strong performances. Verlander wasn’t his usual self during June and Sanchez only threw 10 innings due to injury, but Scherzer, Fister, and Porcello all offered sub 3.30 FIPs and Smyly and Benoit were lights out. If you can block out Valverde’s 9.45 ERA and 9.81 FIP during the month, you’d probably have a much nicer record.

A lot of fans have taken the last few days to jump off the bandwagon, but there are really no signs that is warranted. The Tigers remain one of the best hitting teams in the league and have the best staff in the game and didn’t perform much off that pace in June. Fans tend to only watch their own team very closely and tend to make a big deal out of what they perceive as flaws, when in reality those “deficiencies” are typical features of baseball.

Relax, everyone. Baseball is fun and this is an excellent team.

The Moment: Victor Martinez makes a potential play of the year against the Sox at first base on June 23rd.


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