The Guide To The 2014 Tigers: Over/Unders

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

People enjoy sports. People enjoy arguing. People enjoy wagering. Those are pretty easy statements to get behind. Maybe you don’t personally enjoy all three, but a big portion of the population certainly does. With that in mind, let’s consider the 2014 Tigers and a whole host of random predictions we can make about the team. These are the 2014 Over/Unders.

The idea here is that I’ll be setting the value at what expect to be the mean value. So I’m setting the over/under at 88.5 wins, meaning I think it’s equally likely that they win more games as it is that they win fewer games. Feel free to suggest others in the comments section and weigh in on where you stand on some of the more interesting ones.

  1. Wins (88.5)
  2. Walk Off Wins (4.5)
  3. Games started by Andy Dirks (58.5)
  4. Times FSD plays video of Rod Allen in Japan (1.5)
  5. Number of no-hit bids for Tigers starters – 6 innings or more (5.5)
  6. Date of first serious fair-weather panic (May 1 March 21)
  7. Homeruns by Miguel Cabrera (39.5)
  8. Cabrera’s wRC+ (175.5)
  9. Times a prominent writer will mention the Tigers being aggressive on the basis (∞)
  10. Times my wife will comment on Brad Ausmus’ attractiveness (34.5)
  11. Times Scherzer’s 2013 win total will be mentioned during his first start (3.5)
  12. Games I will actually get to attend (3.5)
  13. Stolen bases by Rajai Davis (41.5)
  14. Austin Jackson dives (0.5)
  15. Tigers All-Stars (4.5)
  16. Starters’ FIP- (85.5)
  17. Ten run games (2.5)
  18. Cabrera/Martinez back to back homeruns (2.5)
  19. Number of national broadcasts in which Justin Verlander is the on-air guest (all of them in which he doesn’t pitch)
  20. Awesome tweets from @PAWSDetroit (45.5)
  21. Squeeze plays called by Ausmus (3.5)
  22. Games in which Porcello is BABIP’d into submission (2.5)
  23. Most strikeouts by a starter in one game (15.5)
  24. Times in which Rod is beside himself with excitement (9.5)
  25. Times Mario loses it (2.5)
  26. Times Rod refers to sabermetricians as “WAR guys” (8.5)
  27. Dan Dickerson screams (13.5)
  28. Times I say out loud, “Iglesias would have had that” (34.5)
  29. Game that will be fun (160.5)
  30. Latest a game will end, eastern time (2:48am)

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