How Was The Game? (May 6, 2014)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

A Ray of hope.

Tigers 11, Astros 4

If Robbie Ray (1 GS, 5 ⅓ IP, 1.69 ERA, 1.80 FIP, 0.3 fWAR) was scared during his first major league start, it didn’t show in the results as he allowed a single run in 5 ⅓ innings while giving up five hits and walk to go along with his five strikeouts. Ray had some trouble in the first and sixth, but ultimately performed well in his MLB debut, grabbing eight swinging strikes in 86 pitches. The bats did their part too, getting runs in many innings courtesy of many players. I had originally tried to identify all of them for you, but it became a very long sentence. Everyone had hits and stuff. The bullpen also managed to not ruin things completely, which is always a plus and gave the Tigers their 7th straight win and their 19th overall. They’ll try to lock up the series on Wednesday behind Rick Porcello (5 GS, 32 IP, 3.66 ERA, 3.34 FIP, 0.7 fWAR).

The Moment: Robbie Ray exits to his first Comerica Park standing ovation.


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  1. Stephen Pershing | Reply

    Miggy appears on IT yesterday, then homers in his first at bat and has a 4 hit/4 RBI night. Coincidence?

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