How Was The Game? (July 4, 2014)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

Explosive (/logs off).

Rays 6, Tigers 3

Drew Smyly (14 GS, 81 IP, 3.89 ERA, 4.23 FIP, 0.9 fWAR) allowed quite a few extra base hits on Friday night against the Rays and it cost him, as he survived just 5.1 innings while allowing five runs on seven hits and a walk while striking out just three. The dagger that chased him is probably worth forgiving as Ausmus probably should have pulled him a batter earlier. At any rate, it wasn’t a great outing but you won’t always get a great outing from your number five starter. The bats added a run in the 4th and two in the 6th and both teams got involved in some hit batter-action that may or may not have been intentional. All told, it was a run of the mill loss in which the other team sent a better pitcher to the mound and neither club made any particularly game changing mistakes. The third game of this four game set will feature Anibal Sanchez (14 GS, 82 IP, 2.63 ERA, 2.69 FIP, 2.3 fWAR) on Saturday.

The Moment: Don Kelly actually speaks in a harsh tone when the umpire made a bad call.


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