Tigers Get Price, Aren’t Messing Around

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

The Tigers had to do more than just acquiring Joakim Soria. Soria was a much needed boost to the bullpen but you can’t trade two of your best prospects for a reliever if you aren’t planning to plug other holes. The window is closing and the Tigers saddled up by going out and getting David Price to beef up their rotation. The Tigers gave up Willy Adames, Austin Jackson and Drew Smyly in the process with Seattle working as the middle man.

The Tigers paid a high price, but one that had to be paid given the circumstances. Scherzer is likely gone after this year, Martinez is a free agent. Porcello and Jackson (was!) are free agents after 2015. Verlander and Cabrera are exiting their peaks. The Tigers are at a crossroads; go for it or reload. With an aging owner and a very weak crop of teams coming out of the AL East, the Tigers decided to go for it and this is what that looks like. Adding Price solidifies their odds of locking up the division and sets them up for a big showdown with the loaded A’s in October.

The Tigers weren’t satisfied with coming up short three straight seasons and Price will help there, but he will also replace Scherzer in 2015 and make that team a more legitimate contender before the band really starts to break up.

Price is great, he’s having a great year, and the projections love him. He’s a difference maker. He’s under control through next year and that’s as far ahead as the Tigers should be thinking. It’s time to win. They paid a steep price by dealing away prized prospects, but the Tigers are at a place where giving up future value makes sense. It was time to make a huge deal and they did it.

Game on.

more coming later


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