How Was The Game? (August 7, 2014)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth


Yankees 1, Tigers 0

Rick Porcello (22 GS, 148.1 IP, 3.09 ERA, 3.58 FIP, 2.7 fWAR) did Rick Porcello things on Thursday afternoon, holding the Yankees to a single run across seven innings of work in which he allowed nine hits, walked none, and punched out five while finding a way to get out of the only the jams he invented with some very timely ground balls. It wasn’t his most impressive day of the season, but the was quite good and gave his team every chance to win. The bats, um, did not. They sent more than five men to the plate in just one inning and hit their way out of any real threats before the ninth when they put the first two men on, called on Miggy to pinch hit, and then watched him bounce into a double play. Kelly was the Tigers’ last hope but couldn’t deliver, leaving the Tigers to lose three of four to the Yanks. Anibal Sanchez (20 GS, 120.1 IP, 3.37 ERA, 2.72 FIP, 3.4 fWAR) takes on the team from north of the border on Friday.

The Moment: Porcello escapes a 7th inning jam.


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