How Was The Game? (August 22, 2014)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

A cluster****.

Twins 20, Tigers 6

Okay. So listen. Robbie Ray  (6 GS, 26.2 IP, 7.09 ERA, 4.37 FIP, 0.2 fWAR) was awful and had his worst starter as a big leaguer and somehow wasn’t close to being involved in this game’s biggest disaster. Ray gave up six runs and didn’t make it out of the second inning, but the bullpen and defense put together a 9 run bottom of the 6th which featured six walks, two errors, and fifteen batters. I’ve seen thousands of baseball games in my life and I’m not sure I can remember a bigger single inning meltdown. Of course, that’s because the healthy response is to block those innings out. At least my brain won’t let me remember this. As an apology, the Andrew Romine pitched and Avila played 1B! That was fun at least. Buck Farmer (1 GS, 5 IP, 7.20 ERA, 5.33 FIP, 0.0 fWAR) and Justin Verlander (25 GS, 158.2 IP, 4.76 ERA, 4.07 FIP, 2.1 fWAR) are lined up for tomorrow.

The Moment: Romine pitched! It was bad, but he’s a position player!


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