The Guide To 2015: Considering The Twins

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

There’s a very real chance that the Tigers won’t win a fifth straight AL Central crown in 2015, but the odds of the Minnesota Twins being the team to snatch their crown seem exceedingly remote. The Twins won 70 games a year ago and didn’t do anything to significantly improve their roster. At the moment, FanGraphs projects 74 wins from the club that calls Target Field home.

Top to bottom, the Twins aren’t a great team. That isn’t any sort of hot analysis and this preview is going to be short, but there are actually a number of solid performers on the roster. They’re certainly an “everything needs to break right” team, but there’s a useful core that could play spoiler in the division.

Brian Dozier had a tremendous 2014. Joe Mauer was once a superstar. Trevor Plouffe may have had a breakout. Oswaldo Arcia has some raw ability. Phil Hughes was an ace. Ricky Nolasco and Ervin Santana are solid.

For this team to be a concern, they all have to hit their 75% projection, but we’re not talking about the 2013 Astros either. Bottom line: They’re better than they get credit for, but they’re not good.

Yet the reinforcements are coming and we might get a chance to see Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano in MLB action this year. Heck, we might even see the Twins turn Trevor May and Alex Meyer loose on the world. There’s quite a nice collection of prospects around the Twins’ system and it’s starting to bubble up to the surface.

There’s so real potential in the not-too-distant future, but the Tigers should be hoping for 12 or 13 wins against them in 2015.

  • Hitter to Watch: Brian Dozier
  • Pitcher to Watch: Phil Hughes
  • NED Projected Record: 76-86, 5th in AL Central
  • Big Moment: Bryon Buxton triples in his MLB debut.
  • Piece of Data: The Twins had the 8th best offense in baseball in 2014.

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