How Was The Game? (April 22, 2015)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

Bad, and it should feel bad.

Yankees 13, Tigers 4

So this was a giant mess. David Price (4 GS, 24.2 IP, 3.28 ERA, 2.91 FIP) couldn’t get a grip on the ball and was wild and got rocked from the start. After a six run 1st, all looked lost, but the Tigers bats actually rallied back for four in the bottom half to make it a ballgame. Unfortunately, the Yanks grabbed two more in the 2nd and kept adding on against the hapless Tiger pen. The weather was a mess, the pitching was poor, and the defense was suspect. You can’t hate the offensive output overall, but after applying pressure early they failed to close as the game wore on. Let’s all agree to forget this one and turn around for Anibal Sanchez (3 GS, 16.1 IP, 7.71 ERA, 5.71 FIP) Thursday afternoon.

The Moment: The Tigers grab four in the 1st to give the team some early hope.


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