How Was The Game? (May 23, 2015)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth


Astros 3, Tigers 2

The Tigers and Astros traded 3rd inning runs, and when the Tigers scored on a Jose Altuve error in the 5th, it was looking like the Tigers were on their way to another victory. Then, on a 2-1 pitch, Ian Kinsler grounded into a 5-4-3 triple play, killing a big threat for the Tigers. In the top of the next frame, the Astros punched through for two more runs against Kyle Lobstein (8 GS, 47.2 IP, 4.34 ERA, 4.11 FIP) and Alburquerque, and then handed it off to their bullpen to shut down the Tigers bats. If you’re going to lose a game, you imagine it will be the Lobstein game, but it did feel like the Tigers gave away a big chance on a bit of dumb luck when Kinsler bounced it right to third. They’ll still have a shot to win the series Sunday with Anibal Sanchez (9 GS, 54.2 IP, 5.60 ERA, 4.39 FIP) getting ball.

The Moment: McCann scampers home on a Gose ROE.


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