2017 Tigers Over Unders

It’s almost Opening Day, so time to roll out the annual New English D over/unders. You all know how this works. I’ll be setting the value at what expect to be the mean value. So I’m setting the over/under at 83.5 wins, meaning I think it’s equally likely that they win more games as it is that they win fewer games. Feel free to suggest others in the comments section and weigh in on where you stand on some of the more interesting ones.

  1. Wins: 83.5
  2. Ian Kinsler home runs: 20.5
  3. James McCann framing runs (BP): -5.5
  4. Walk off wins: 8.5
  5. Nick Castellanos ISO: .200
  6. Day at which Tigers fans first panic: April 30
  7. Alex Avila walks: 40.5
  8. Miguel Cabrera wRC+: 150.5
  9. Eye-popping Jose Iglesias plays: 11.5
  10. Upton hot-to-cold streak ratio: 3 to 2
  11. JD Martinez games played: 120.5
  12. Number of players who get 1+ inning in CF: 6.5
  13. Faux pas committed by Tyler Collins: 3.5
  14. VMart strikeout rate: 12.0%
  15. Justin Verlander strikeouts: 240.5
  16. Justin Verlander hits: 0.5
  17. Combined starts by Fulmer, Norris, and Boyd: 72.5
  18. Appearances by a Wilson: 120.5
  19. Wins against Cleveland: 6.5
  20. Number of times I tweetstorm about Ausmus: 10.5
  21. Time of longest game (excluding delays): 4:45
  22. Articles I will write about Anibal Sanchez: 3.5
  23. Joe Jimenez appearances: 19.5
  24. Talk radio segments demanding a Joe Jimenez callup: 7,412.5
  25. Games that will not be fun: 6.5
  26. Number of times Mario will be blamed for jinxing a no-hitter: 3.5
  27. Positions played by Andrew Romine: 6.5
  28. Home runs to dead center at Comerica: 8.5
  29. Sacrifice bunts that will make sense (non-pitcher): 2.5
  30. Bernstein commercials on FSD: one gazillion point five

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