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The Over/Under Guide to the 2013 Detroit Tigers

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth
Many people like betting on sports and many people also like talking about sports as if they were betting on sports despite having no actual intention of doing so. This is a post for both types of people, but with more emphasis on the latter because some of these are quite specific and probably couldn’t get much action.

Below are my 2013 Detroit Tigers Over/Unders. Comment and share this post and let’s get a little contest going. I have set the numbers at where I think they are most likely to fall, meaning I believe it is equally likely that the outcome will be over and under and I am indifferent as to which to choose.

1. Team Wins (93.5)

2. Justin Verlander Strikeouts (249.5)

3. Austin Jackson Diving Catches (0.5)

4. Longest Winning Streak (7.5)

5. Longest Homerun Hit by a Tiger (448.5 ft)

6. Times FSD Shows Rod Allen Charging the Mound in Japan (1.5)

7. Times Mario and Rod Make Reference to Torii Hunter and Victor Martinez’s clubhouse value (140.5)

8. Cliches Doug Fister Uses in Postgame Interviews (724.5)

9. Miguel Cabrera Homeruns (36.5)

10. Times Alex Avila Gets Hit with a Foul Tip (∞)

11. Longest Rain Delay During a Non-Suspended Game (2:45.5 hours)

12. Comerica Park Sellouts (37.5)

13. Justin Verlander Near No-Hitters [defined as six or more no-hit innings] (1.5)

14. Games Played by Victor Martinez Not at DH (10.5)

15. Highest Batting Average for a Tiger Who Qualifies (.325)

16. Extra Inning Games (8.5)

17. Walk-Off Wins (4.5)

18. Max Scherzer’s K-Rate (10.5)

19. Lynn Henning Hate Tweets About Jhonny Peralta (85.5)

20. Date at Which Bandwagon Fans First Jump Ship (May 11)

21. Playoff Clinching Date (September 21)

22. Stolen Bases for Team Leader (19.5)

23. Number of Times Tom Brookens Pulls a Gene Lamont (2.5)

24. Tigers All-Stars (5.5)

25. Tigers Players with UZR’s > 4.0 (1.5)

26. Times Mario and Rod Discuss Non-Baseball Topics at Length (5.5)

27. Tigers Grand Slams (4.5)

28. Starts for Andy Dirks (120.5)

29. Number of Fans At Game 162 [Played in Miami] (9,850.5)

30. Games that Will Be Fun (160.5)

Post in the comments with you bets or on Facebook or Twitter. The winner will have next year’s contest named after them!

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