A Day Without Baseball: Trying to Look Forward

It’s important to remember that even on horrible days like today, life is still worth living. I am, of course, referring to the fact that there is no baseball today. None. The ALCS is over, and the NLCS is traveling from St. Louis to San Francisco.

I’m reminded today of what it’s like during the offseason when you can’t watch live baseball. You have to do household chores, pay attention to work, spend time with your family, or even (GASP!) go outside. The humanity.

There are a couple of days like today during the season too. The day after the All-Star Game is a black hole of sports, not just baseball. Usually the day after the regular season is empty barring a real one game playoff as well. Then we have these rare off days during the postseason when a series has wrapped up and another is traveling. Or when the World Series is traveling.

These few days sprinkled across the calendar prepare us for the dark Winter of No Baseball ©. I don’t like it. My wife diagnosed me with Offseasonal Affective Disorder last year. (Read that again, she’s really clever.)

So this site is going to help me through the offseason by allowing me a place to write about baseball even when I can’t watch it. Some of the things to look forward to are 2012 Awards, 2012 recaps, 2013 predictions/previews, leaderboards, stat introductions, fun lists, Free Agency coverage, and probably a lot more.

Since we have some time today, I thought I’d post my 2012 Preseason Predictions, so we’re all on the same page come early November when we revisit them.

Division Winners and Wild Cards:

AL: Rays, Tigers, Rangers, Angels (WC), Yankees (WC)

NL: Nationals, Reds, Diamondbacks, Phillies (WC), Cardinals (WS)

World Series: Rays over Nationals

AL MVP, Cy Young, ROY: Longoria, Verlander, Moore

NL MVP, Cy Young, ROY: Upton, Hamels, Mesoraco

As you can see, I hit on 3/5 of the AL teams and 3/5 of the NL teams and likely one award. Not great, but not bad. I’ll run a full piece on all of these once the series is over.

Writing this only took me about twenty minutes, so by that logic, I’ll be turning out nine to fifteen posts a day during the offseason. So, I might have to get a hobby for November through March. Suggestions welcome, but I really hate anything that isn’t baseball.


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