The Morning Edition (August 1, 2013)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth


From Last Night:

  • Essentially nothing happens at the trading deadline
  • The Pirates win their 4th game in 3 days against the Cardinals
  • Minor dominates as the Braves crush the Rockies
  • Three Astros pitchers I’ve literally never heard of shutout the Orioles
  • The Indians walk off on the White Sox
  • Beltre and the Rangers walk off on the Angels
  • Bailey dominates the Padres

What I’m Watching Today:

  • Sale takes on Masterson in Cleveland (12p Eastern)
  • Matt Harvey day! (1230p Eastern)
  • Someone named Zeke Spruill pitches against Darvish (7p Eastern)
  • Cain and Hamels in Philly (7p Eastern)
  • The Cardinals try to avoid a 5 game sweep in PIT (7p Eastern)
  • Felix faces the Sox (7p Eastern)

The Big Question:

  • Are you ready for the A-Rod coverage?

With such an incredible day of baseball behind us it is sad to realize that a ridiculous amount of coverage will be focused on the impending attempt of MLB to ban Alex Rodriguez for life. A-Rod. The Yankees. The City of New York. Steroids. I’m surprised ESPN hasn’t melted already. Let’s talk about the games, okay? The Pirates have won four straight against the Cardinals and might grab a fifth today. The Pirates are going to finish over .500 and will likely make the playoffs. Woah.


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