The Morning Edition (July 8, 2013)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth


From Last Night:

  • Corbin goes 8, strikes out 10 as the Snakes beat the Rockies
  • Price goes the distance to beat the White Sox
  • The Dodgers get 3 in the 9th to back Kershaw’s 8 strong innings
  • The Cubs walk off in 11
  • Fernandez looks ordinary in loss to the Cards
  • The Nats back Strasburg in a slugfest with the Padres
  • Rivera gives up a game winner to Jones and the O’s

What I’m Watching Today:

  • Derek Holland comes to Camden (7p Eastern)
  • Garza keeps on the trade audition tour against the weak hitting White Sox (8p Eastern)
  • Bailey takes the mound for the first time since the no hitter (8p Eastern)
  • Lester goes to Seattle to face Felix (10p Eastern)
  • Matt Harvey takes his show to SF (10p Eastern)

The Big Question:

  • Is this really happening again?

It is. Mike Trout is back on the chase after a homerun on Sunday night and now ranks 3rd among all MLB qualifiers with 161 wRC+, trailing only Cabrera and Davis. Mix in his great baserunning and better defense along with playing a more important defensive position and he’s only looking up at Miguel Cabrera on the WAR leaderboard. It’s Cabrera at 5.8 and Trout at 5.1. It’s happening again and I love it. Trout is essentially on pace to match his 2012 campaign, which would put him on some sort of ridiculous career trajectory. Think about this, Miguel Cabrera became the best hitter in the sport in his late 20s. Trout is 21. He’s probably at his peak defensively and on the bases, but he’s going to get better at the plate. What could this guy do? In the last 365 days, Trout (10.5) and Cabrera (9.2) are 1 and 2 in WAR and Trout already has more than 15 WAR in his career. Since 1901, only 2 players have accumulated more WAR through age 21: Mel Ott and Ty Cobb. That’s a list for ya.


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