The Morning Edition (July 19, 2013)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth


From Last Night:

  • Sadness. There wasn’t baseball.

What I’m Watching Today:

  • Strasburg faces the Dodgers (7p Eastern)
  • Price looks to stay hot against the Jays (7p Eastern)
  • Chen and Holland in Arlington (8p Eastern)
  • Turner tries to keep it up in Milwaukee (8p Eastern)

The Big Question:

  • Which team who’s out can make a run?

My own personal rule, and the rule of this site, is not to make anything about the standings until after the All-Star Break. You can discuss how individual teams have played, but you shouldn’t care about how they stack up until now. Every team is trying to win until now. At this point, teams take stock and think about buying and selling and whatnot. Now it’s okay to decide if you need some help or if it’s time to pack it in. There are currently 16 teams within 6 games of first place in their divisions, all of whom are at least in it for two more weeks. Some of those teams should sell because they’re not that good, but most of them are reasonably in it for now. Among those teams, the Nationals and Dodgers should be most on the radar as far as comebacks are concerned because the Dodgers are in a terrible division and the Nats have under performed. I bought the Nats in March and I’ll go down with the ship. This is a good team.


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