The Rick Porcello and John Lackey Connection



If you’re interested pitching, I wrote a post over in the Community Research section of Fangraphs regarding John Lackey’s season and his increase in K% and GB% and decrease in BB% based largely on a modification of a subset of his fastballs. Lackey joins Porcello as the only pitcher in MLB this season with more than 7 K/9, fewer than 2 BB/9, and a GB% above 50%. Felix and Fister are close, but these guys are trying to join a group that includes just Halladay, Carpenter, and Hamels since GB% became available in 2002.

Read all about Lackey at Fangraphs.

If you’re curious about Porcello, who starts tonight, he’s currently at 7.25 K/9, 1.42 BB/9, and 57.3 GB%. All of those numbers are career best and are helping Porcello post a career best 3.51 FIP and 3.05 xFIP. Earlier in the year, I broke down how Porcello is making the leap from solid #5, to legitimate big league star.


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