How Was The Game? (August 11, 2013)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

Something you’re not going to believe.

Yankees 5, Tigers 4

It’s unclear where to start, so let’s just lay it all out. Justin Verlander (25 GS, 158.2 IP, 3.57 ERA, 3.40 FIP, 3.5 WAR) gave up 4 runs in 7 innings, but had a very nice afternoon courtesy of a good fastball and excellent curveball that yielding just 1 walk and induced 9 strikeouts. Verlander gave up two solo homeruns which barely cleared the short fences at Yankee Stadium and would have been easy outs in more parks, so I certainly won’t hold that against him when attempting to discern performance from statistics. The signs were all good regarding his road back to dominance as his average fastball registered 95.3 mph and his release point was in line with his most recent start.

pic4 pic5



The bats failed the Tigers early as they left a ton of men on base and gave away outs at inopportune times, but things turned late. It didn’t help that Iglesias was called out at 2B in the 8th when he was clearly safe or that Jackson made a boneheaded mistake in thinking Garder dropped a ball in the next at bat but a Pena homer to lead off the 8th and a Cabrera homerun off Rivera in the 9th to make it a one run game set up a huge bomb by Martinez to tie it against Rivera for the second time this weekend. It was a great comeback, but it was for naught as Gardner walked off in the 9th. The Tigers will head to the Windy city for a three game set against the Sox with Doug Fister (23 GS, 149 IP, 3.50 ERA, 3.30 FIP, 3.2 WAR) getting the ball on Monday.

The Moment: Cabrera and Martinez launch homers in the 9th to stun Rivera.


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  1. […] Guys, I think he’s back. The American League is on notice. (Editor’s note: The velocity and release point gains carried into his next start. Details here) […]

  2. […] In the early game, the Tigers came up short but their is no blame to be laid at the feet of Justin Verlander (26 GS, 166.2 IP, 3.51 ERA, 3.43 FIP, 3.7 WAR) who continued to show his midseason struggles are behind him as he went 8 innings and allowed just 2 runs to go along with 6 strikeouts. The fastball velocity was solid (averaging 94.8 MPH, up to 98.2), the breaking balls were good, and the changeup worked. The release point was also where it should be, as it has been for several starts (check out previous work on the matter): […]

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