Picking the American League All-Stars

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

With the All-Star rosters looming ahead this weekend, New English D weighs into the fray with these picks. We’ll cover the NL tomorrow. A few notes up front. First, I’ve conformed the roster size to the official requirements and have selected starters I feel are most deserving based on their 2013 seasons and have given no deference to the voting up through this point. My view is that the All-Star Game should showcase the game’s standout performers from the first half of 2013, not the best players over the last year or the best players by talent even if they haven’t performed. I think the game should highlight the players who play well, not the players MLB thinks are “marketable.” Every team is represented and I’ve given a list of players who are the first replacements for injuries and such. Clay Buchholz would have been selected, as noted, but is currently injured. As you know, this site appreciates advanced statistics, so should you choose to comment on these selections, please do so without using “RBI” or “Wins.”

Enjoy and feel free to criticize the 7 Tigers I put on the list. I can’t make a case that they aren’t deserving, even if you think I’m a homer.

Joe Mauer Twins C
Chris Davis Orioles 1B
Jason Kipnis Indians 2B
Jhonny Peralta Tigers SS
Miguel Cabrera Tigers 3B
Mike Trout Angels OF
Jose Bautista Jays OF
Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox OF
David Ortiz Red Sox DH
Max Scherzer Tigers SP
Carlos Santana Indians C
Edwin Encarnacion Jays 1B
Dustin Pedroia Red Sox 2B
Robinson Cano Yankees 2B
Jed Lowrie Athletics SS
Evan Longoria Rays 3B
Manny Machado Orioles 3B
Josh Donaldson Athletics 3B
Nate McClouth Orioles OF
Alex Gordon Royals OF
Brett Gardner Yankees OF
Adam Lind Jays DH
Derek Holland Rangers SP
Felix Hernandez Mariners SP
Chris Sale White Sox SP
Justin Verlander Tigers SP
Yu Darvish Rangers SP
Anibal Sanchez Tigers SP
Doug Fister Tigers SP
Bud Norris Astros SP
Brett Cecil Jays RP
Mariano Rivera Yankees RP
Drew Smyly Tigers RP
Jesse Crain White Sox RP
Clay Buchholz* Red Sox SP
Kyle Seager Mariners 3B
Omar Infante Tigers 2B
Howie Kendrick Angels 2B
Adrian Beltre Rangers 3B
Hisashi Iwakuma Mariners SP
Joaquin Benoit Tigers RP
Joe Nathan Rangers RP
* injured

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