The Morning Edition (July 6, 2013)

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth


From Last Night:

  • Wells delivers a walk off single to back Nova’s CG, 11 K performance
  • Milone goes 8.1 to beat the Royals
  • Hellickson goes 7, Ks 9 as the Rays defeat the White Sox
  • 7 shutout innings from Buerhle push the Jays past the Twins
  • Liriano goes the distance as the Bucs top the Cubs

What I’m Watching Today:

  • Zimmermann welcomes the Friars to Nationals’ Park (4p Eastern)
  • Bonderman and Latos (4p Eastern)
  • Sale and Moore in Tampa (7p Eastern)
  • Darvish versus the Astros, strikeout warning (7p Eastern)

The Big Question:

  • Who will get picked to the ASG today?

Yesterday we unveiled our 2013 AL All-Stars and the NL team is coming today at 4pm. It’s always a controversial list, but I feel good about it. You can also catch up on our series chronicling the problems with the wins statistic, starting with great low wins seasons, showing that wins don’t even out over the course of a career, and later today we’re breaking down The Nine Worst 20 Win season in MLB history. Needless to say, it’s a controversial type week at New English D, but we’re all for it. Let’s talk baseball!


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