Picking the National League All-Stars

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

With the All-Star rosters looming ahead this weekend, New English D weighs into the fray with these picks. We covered the AL yesterday. A few notes up front. First, I’ve conformed the roster size to the official requirements and have selected starters I feel are most deserving based on their 2013 seasons and have given no deference to the voting up through this point. My view is that the All-Star Game should showcase the game’s standout performers from the first half of 2013, not the best players over the last year or the best players by talent even if they haven’t performed. I think the game should highlight the players who play well, not the players MLB thinks are “marketable.” Every team is represented and I’ve given a list of players who are the first replacements for injuries and such. As you know, this site appreciates advanced statistics, so should you choose to comment on these selections, please do so without using “RBI” or “Wins.” Finally, I watch a ton of baseball, but I watch fewer NL games by function of being a Tigers fan, so some of the down ballot selections are a bit less sure footed.

And I just couldn’t leave Puig out. He has to play in this game.

Yadier Molina Cardinals C
Joey Votto Reds 1B
Matt Carpenter Cardinals 2B
Jean Segura Brewers SS
David Wright Mets 3B
Carlos Gomez Brewers OF
Andrew McCutchen Pirates OF
Carlos Gonzalez Rockies OF
Buster Posey Giants DH
Matt Harvey Mets SP
Russell Martin Pirates C
Paul Goldschmidt Dbacks 1B
Allen Craig Cardinals 1B
Chase Utley Phillies 2B
Ian Desmond Nationals SS
Pedro Alvarez Pirates 3B
Starling Marte Pirates OF
Bryce Harper Nationals OF
Shin Soo Choo Reds OF
Yasiel Puig Dodgers OF
Michael Cuddyer Rockies OF
Todd Frazier Reds 3B
Adam Wainwright Cardinals SP
Cliff Lee Phillies SP
Clayton Kershaw Dodgers SP
Homer Bailey Reds SP
Mat Latos Reds SP
Jeff Samardzija Cubs SP
Jordan Zimmermann Nationals SP
Jose Fernandez Marlins SP
Craig Kimbrel Braves RP
Sergio Romo Giants RP
Mark Melancon Pirates RP
Jason Grilli Pirates RP
Ryan Braun* Brewers OF
Troy Tulowitzki* Rockies SS
Evereth Cabrera* Padres SS
Jhoulys Chacin Rockies SP
Patrick Corbin Dbacks SP
Shelby Miller Cardinals SP
Stephen Strasburg Nationals SP
Chris Johnson Braves 3B
Carlos Beltran Cardinals OF
Dominic Brown Phillies OF

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