Reviewing The Best Tigers Moments of 2013

Clip art illustration of a Cartoon Tiger with a Missing Tooth

Over the last few months we’ve been looking back at the top moments of the 2013 season. After every game, we run our recap called “How Was The Game?” which includes The Moment, or the defining event of that game. Here we’ve been looking back at the most memorable twenty moments. For your convenience, here they are in slideshow form. Just kidding, it’s a list, I’m not a monster.

20. Avila’s Grand Slam Off Strasburg

19. Cabrera Walks Off The Royals

18. Cabrera’s 3 HR Night

17. Avila’s HR in Cleveland

16. Sanchez Strikes Out 17

15. Pena Tags Swisher

14. Avila Homers in Houston

13. Verlander Duels Gray

12. Sanchez’s Near No-Hitter

11. VMart’s Circus Play

10. Porcello’s Complete Game

9. Cabrera Homers Off Salazar

8. The Iglesias Play

7. Scherzer Strikes Out Davis

6. Cabrera and VMart Off Rivera

5. Cabrera Off Rivera

4. Hunter Walks Off

3. Pena Tags Smoak

2. Scherzer in Relief

1. The Six Run Rally


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